World Consumers' Protection Chamber of Commerce WCPCC

World Consumers’ Protection Chamber of Commerce WCPCC


Majlis Tindakan Pengguna Negara (MTPN) was established on 21 April 2016 under the 1966 societies act & 1984 societies regulations. MTPN’s intention was to create a pave for all business entities and consumers to lodge and resolve issues that directly affected the people’s daily life. MTPN act a pro government organization in building a harmony and prosperous environment which benefits the country’s economy and social well-being. With the intention to expedite economic growth & to improve of people’s living standard, a necessity of consumers’ protection environment is inevitable.


World Consumers’ Protection Chamber of Commerce (WCPCC) was formed in July 2018 by MTPN EXCO Entrepreneur Development to play the vital role in protecting the rights of consumers and businesses.

WCPCC is backed by eighty (80) institutions & two hundred and nineteen (219) MTPNbranches and work in 54 countries through Worldwide Consumers Association (WCA). World Consumer Protection Chamber of Commerce(WCPCC) establishment is to serve the businesses & communities of all race in raising the awareness of SMEs & GIGs Standardization in order to create a healthy and fair consumer business environment, uplifting SMEs & GIGs practical benefits against inequality, comprehensively enhance the brand credibility of corporate members and safeguard the eight consumer rights, and managing complaints and related matters.


Building a vibrant & prosperous world of businesses community and playing a vital role in gig community through WCPCC Business Leadership.


To be the Voice of SMEs & GIGs in Malaysia in building a prosperous community, grow business, improve the business climate and quality of life by adding value as we advocate, educate, connect businesses, support and protected.

What We Do?

【Consumer Protection Certification】 is one of World Consumers’ Protection Chamber of Commerce program to protect consumers from various unfair trade practices and to avoid exploitation.【Consumer Protection Certification 】indicates the compliance of products or services fulfilled with the standard requirements of quality and safety; issued in accordance with the procedure laid down for manufacturers, retailers, operators, agent businesses and so on, to differentiate normal product and excellent product that reaching appropriate level of quality and safety, especially those products achieved the standard of “Zero Return”.

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