For past month of battling COVID-19 despite the challenge in property market and oversupplied in almost every segment of property, bread and butter property condominium in good location are always still in good demand.

Minnts started to follow Jesslocalproperty which offering great deal condominium with attractive package. Owning your dream home and lifestyle has never been this easy, all it takes is ZERO!

Let’s take a peak on the fast selling property located nearby Bangi UKM and accessible all major highway. A potential property to stay or investment just form RM1XXX per month with zero (0) % down payment.  Plus, you able to get FREE MYVI. What a total package!

Believe or not, this property won Asia Property Award as well. This prove a credibility of the property.

This freehold condominium offers various facilities to its residents and they include connection through optic fibres, function room, swimming pool and many more. The property is a dream house for big, medium, and small families since its units comes is varying size.  It also offers a residential environment that appreciate the beauty of nature, it is just one of the kind!

Bringing you and your family tranquillity experience alongside spiritual, physical and mental health.

Let’s talk about the legendary Jess, many of her clients recommended Jess as a property agent. She is friendly with heart of gold.

She always listens to the client needs and helping them to giving them a dream home suit with their budget. Jess have excellent track record and one of top 5 property agent in Klang Valley.

Here’s a few of testimonial from the clients

Condominium is selling fast !!! Limited 50 units with awesome package just for you to grab.

Don’t miss it. Contact Jess now !

Whatapps : 016-9025593

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Instagram : jesslocalproperties

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