How to run an effective café & restaurant digital marketing?

How to run an effective café & restaurant digital marketing?

In Malaysia, we see food and beverage sectors are booming everywhere. But competition is incredibly competitive by thriving delivering special menu. However, almost 50 per cent small business owners fail in the first five years to compete with others. As you know owning a successful restaurant isn’t like it used to be. At one time as long your food and service were good, you could set up shop on the street corner and do business for years. However, it takes a little more intention now in the way you market and engage with the community.

Based on Upserve research, 90% of people research a restaurant before dining there.  This means that a business owner needs to evolve from offline to online if you want to attract more customer to your café or restaurant.

Business owners might be clueless or lost in starting an online business. Don’t worry!  Let us share a few tips on how to digitalize your café and restaurant.


  1. Brand reputation and personalize engagement
  2. Data is easily measured and campaign offers
  3. Digital sharing with a brand reach
  4. Pointed customer targeting and marketing segmentation
  5. Create an interactive dining experience
  6. Engage with your community and promote customer loyalty

The learning curve for cafe and restaurant digital marketing is steep, but Connectbiz can help . Connectbiz, we able to provide more exposure for the café and restaurant owners by providing them with the shared digital across all social media platform and google AdWords.  This creates more brand trust in the community.

We also have talented KOL to be shared by the café and restaurant owners to promote their product and services. This will increase hype to attract the community to visit your café and restaurant. It is definitely, effective digital marketing just for you.


Lets take a look at our digital marketing directory to find companies in your area that can help you with your specific needs. And if you have any questions about our digital network, contact us today and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.


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