Genius Digital Marketing 2020 For Your Business

Genius Digital Marketing 2020 For Your Business

Do you notice that social media like Google, Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok and many more keep changing throughout the year?  These big giant social media are expanding their features to cater to the users’ needs and experience without leaving their platforms. For example, Facebook just release a new feature not long ago called “Shop Now”. The FREE feature allowing the merchant to use Facebook as an e-commerce platform.

By knowing this, many business owners are taking the opportunity to expand their business digitally.  However, based on a survey more than 70% business owners do not know how to use it.  Their feedback is it is hard for them to learn feature or too busy to manage social media.

Let’s dive in, why these business owners having this problem. We think that the marketing technology landscape today is vast. This makes business owner are clueless on now how to start first.  They might think if they start with a landing page or open a Facebook account to increase their sales. Some business executes their digital marketing strategy and spending tonnes of money on Google keyword and SEO however they still have no quality leads.

Let us share a typical story

Ah Seng is a local business owner owing a motor shop. Ah Seng is trying to find a way to get more customer in his workshop. He needs to figure out online marketing, social media and advertising for his business that is cost-effective. However, Ah Seng is super busy though and not really a marketing expert. He also thinks that online marketing is confusing with all the options, SEO, social media by learning himself.

So, why business owners facing the same thing. This is because the marketing platform and algorithm are different between each other. Well, now there is an easier way of introducing Connectbiz a community network directory all in one (1)  platform. We offer digital shared marketing platform to help Ah Seng reach a local audience without spending thousand ringgit.

Now business owner does not need through a long complicated design to put together landing page, to test a new offer, to test a product or test a or b different message.  By using Connectbiz, a business owner like Ah Seng going to see an increase in personalization and relevance.  From the share digital technology side Connectbiz platform able to unifying social media platform together to get a better result.

It might sound a little cliché but you as a business owner will get a better user experience that will keep the user coming back for your good service and product. Come join Connectbiz to enjoy all the privileges.


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