Do You want to get Your Personal Masseur

Do You want to get Your Personal Masseur

For anyone who trains regularly, Minnts would recommend a massage gun. It requires minimal user effort and is affordable. Plus, the gun is accessible anytime and anywhere – unlike your favourite masseur who must beat a hasty retreat in view of the COVID situation.

So, how does a massage gun compare to an actual massage? You been thinking there is no way this is going to work like a real massage! Well, sure enough, it does not.

SP Tech Massage Gun is a handheld percussion massage gun, meant to “help relieve muscle soreness and stiffness, improve range of motion, promote circulation, accelerate warm-up and recovery. This massage gun comes with a set of four (4) interchangeable head attachment so you can switch them depending on the body part you want to massage. It operates on rechargeable lithium-ion (25V) battery and has 20 speeds settings. It is quite easy to use and surprising light weight (0.9g).

The relative quietness of the gun, and the customisability in terms of attachment heads and speeds made a world of difference to your usage of it, and as a result, the relief of your sore calves. After all, recovery and rest are as important as training hard. And you would want your recovery to be as painless and welcoming as possible. The pressure from the massaging also sends a signal to your brain to relax which allows us a larger range of motion and mobility prior to a workout and reduces the likelihood of injury during performance.

Who can benefit from SP Tech Massage Gun? Well for it is everyone. We all know all of us suffering back ache from sitting for too long, stiff necks from staring at screen all day, sore muscles from working in the gym, etc. Minnts believe a device like that convenient in every household.

( Small tip: it’s also a great gift for your loved ones)


Having said that, Minnts thinks the RM325 price tag for SP Massage Gun is entirely affortable, for the experience it gave you.

For more information contact Wilson Kam 011 59911165 or wechat sp-tech to get this special offer.

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