Amazing Hack to Digitalize Your Hair Salon

Amazing Hack to Digitalize Your Hair Salon

As you know our country, Malaysia is changing, our local habits are changing, and it is becoming clear that the way of doing business is changing. Because all business owners never been through a pandemic and global business shutdown like this before, a lot of what we find ourselves doing is uncharted territory. While business owners never dealt with this specific set of circumstances before, one thing certainly has not changed: people still need to be connected to each other – arguably now more than ever.

If you are hair salon owners having ‘in-between’ of not having an opening date for your salon yet but want to ramp up your clients for that glorious day, this article post is for you! If you have an opening date scheduled, but you are not sure what to say to clients about how exactly it will take place, this post is for you, too!

There is no denying that we are in a touch-and-go situation at the moment. The choices you make in your business right now can be the difference between moving forward strong and having to regain trust and responsiveness from some of your salon clients. We hope is that after reading this, you have a better perspective on what those decision making should be, and how to meet clients where they’re at right now.

Many businesses have chosen to be relatively silent during the shutdown – perhaps for fear of saying or doing the wrong thing and hurting their bottom line. In reality, it is the silence that can end up really hurting your salon and damage client relationships long term.

After saying this, this means that you as a hair salon business owner needs to digitalize your business. How to digitalize? You can start small by joining social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Pinterest and many more. You need to put a variety educational content that shows your hair salon brands.

Here is creative content you can explore.

  • Make a live video on product review.
  • Make a Live video on hair saloon tour
  • Make a client testimonial video
  • Interview with hair expert
  • Special Package bundle – with limited time offer.
  • Tips or hack on how to keep your hair beautiful
  • Video behind scene – to show how lively is the hair salon.

By doing this, your client feels connected with your hair saloon and more human touch during a tough time.

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