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Connectbiz is a hierarchical web directory, organized by subject and location. Client details submitted are thoroughly reviewed before being listed to ensure all Listing Guidelines are met. This to provide more brand exposure for your business and create leads for your business. Our goal is to classify professional business by location and category to help users who want to find professional products and services geographically.

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How we do it

How we do it?

Currently we have editors polishing the web looking to add quality sites to the directory. Our editors personally review client details based on a number of criteria, including presentation, ease of use, and reliability of information offered.

About Minnts


MINNTS, a professional media production house in Kuala Lumpur, that takes care of all the digital ecosystem solutions for your brand, be it designs, content, gamification or social media strategy. Our team is fueled with thirst of knowledge. One thing that differentiates us from rest of the digital companies is that we have the phenomenal expertise to craft a listening brand right from the scratch. A media production house in Kuala Lumpur which is laser-focused on solving the most complex digital problems with ease. Just give our expert marketers a buzz and get cracking crafting a gamification campaign that will rocket your brand recall into orbit.

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